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The weather was bright and sunny on an ordinary Friday afternoon. Eve Cortez, a normal 16 year-old girl, was staring out the window while listening to music on her IPod in the passenger seat of her dad's cobalt blue pick-up truck. Eve wasn’t very tall; she was quiet most of the time. She had a gothic sense of style always black and skulls. Her hair was pink after finally convincing Jonathan, her dad and Lucy, her mom to let her dye it that way when she was fifteen. Jonathan was a tall, kind hearted man. He wore glasses that always seem to be at the top of his nose and never slip or fall off. He had short black hair reaching only a few centimeters of his forehead. He was the vice president of a major insurance company so he was paid well. Lucy looked a lot like Eve; green eyes, narrow nose, and thin lips. Lucy’s hair was dark brown; the way Eve’s would’ve been if she hadn’t dyed it pink. Heading back to their house, the streets were mostly empty because people weren’t out of their job yet. After a long day at school; Eve spotted a mover’s van on her street parked in front of a house that had been vacant for over a year. “Seems we have new neighbors.” said Jonathan as he tried to see if the future residents of the house were outside, they were. Eve looked over at him, took off her earphones and said sounding sleepy “What?” “We have new neighbors, look!” Jonathan pointed towards the moving van. Eve saw a boy about her age struggling to carry a box that seemed too heavy for him. The boy had light brown skin, black messy hair that covered the tops of his ears; he was wearing a blue and red hooded jacket protecting him from the cold winter in Queens, New York, blue jeans, and black and white shoes that had skulls on the heels. The boy gave the heavy box to who appeared to Eve to be the boy’s father. He got another box from the truck. It had the name Mark C. "Mark C." she said softly wondering what the “C” stood for until her dad said “You seem to be looking at that boy a lot,” then he whispered close to her with a weird smile “You like him, don’t you?”  It took Eve just a second to realize what her dad had just said. “Geez dad I don’t even know him yet.” Eve said in an annoyed tone. Jonathan chuckled “Key word: ‘yet’.” Eve wanted to say something but she just stayed quiet knowing her dad was just going to throw it back at her. The three minutes left of the trip were spent deciding what they were going to have for dinner. Once they pulled into the driveway Jonathan said “You go in I’ll park in the garage.” Eve jumped out of the pick-up with her backpack and ran inside. Once inside she threw her backpack in the living room and called out “Mom, we’re home!” Eve’s Mother, Lucy, came out of the kitchen wearing a black tank top, jeans that reached just under her knees and some tow year old worn out sneakers. “Oh, welcome back. How was your day at school, and where’s Jonathan?” said Lucy. Eve sat down on the living room couch and answered “Dad’s parking the truck in the garage.” Two minutes later Jonathan came into the house. “Hello sweetie.” Lucy said as Jonathan walked into the room. Jonathan went over to Lucy and gave her a quick kiss. Eve grabbed her backpack and walked towards the stairs “I’ll be in my room,” she said “If you need me just call.” Hours passed and it was already dark out, Eve finally went down stairs. “Where’s dad?” She asked to her mother who answered right back “He went out to get something for me.” A few moments later Jonathan pulled in the driveway. “There he is now.” Lucy said with a smile on her face. Just then, a loud bang followed by a blood curdling scream came from outside. Eve and Lucy stood in the living room motionless with terror in their faces. Was that a gun? Eve thought but the most worry she had was for her father who was still out there when that happened. She asked herself in her head if the scream was her dad, if he was dead, if the criminal was still there, all these questions filled Eve’s mind but without realizing what she was doing, acting out of worry for her father she jolted out the front door. No one seemed to be home on her street or they were sleeping because there were no people out wondering what had happened. She looked up and she saw a figure that seemed to be a man dressed in black beating something inside the pick-up truck. “NO!” She screamed as the man seemed to just notice her. The mysterious man stopped what he was doing and turned around to see Eve. The man was very muscular, intimidating because of his size, he was holding a crowbar in one hand which he was using to beat Eve’s father who was inside the car. He looked at Eve with a grin. Eve saw a dent in the back of the pick-up. "Could that have been the noise?" She thought noticing the man didn’t have a gun. “What do we have here? Fresh meat?” the man said walking towards Eve. Eve was paralyzed by fear, tears nearly coming out of her eyes. When the man was close enough Eve closed her eyes before he could do anything and felt a sudden pain in her head and fell to the pavement on the sidewalk. When she opened her eyes she felt the pain again in her head. She noticed she was now lying faced down. Eve saw the man with a clenched fist standing over her. The man bent over and pulled her up to her feet by the jacket. “What are you going to do now, BITCH?!” With that last word he threw Eve hard against the pavement. Her forehead bleeding from the first fall, and with the most recent impact she fell on her back and hit the back of her head. The man raised the crowbar high in the air and as he was going to swing it down something going too quick to make out what it was took the crowbar from the man’s hand. Eve opened her eyes expecting a hit, but what she saw was unexpected. The man looked confused looking at his hands wondering where the crowbar went. The man screamed and fell to the ground. Eve struggled to get up, she heard a voice behind her saying “"Are you ok?"” Eve looked back to see the same boy she had seen that same afternoon. With the crowbar in hand he said “The name’s Mark,” set’s the crowbar on his shoulder and added “Mark Chase.” Eve’s eyes slowly closed as she became unconscious. The last thing she saw was a blur of Mark running to catch her.
I wrote this at 12:00am- 4:45am and it was fun cuz I've never done a story with OCs I've always done Fan fics and shit that never made me anyway. Hope you like this ENJOY!!!

Next Chapter: [link]
Commentary by!CrimsonPyro: [link]
This story is also hosted on: [link]
Copyright 2009 ~Massoro
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CrimsonPyro Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2010   Writer
Chapter 1....let's set some plot points and give the readers some shooooock!!!
I approve this story
Massoro Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
^^ Thanks
EzzyAlpha Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2009  Student Digital Artist
You switched from past to present in the last paragraph.
Massoro Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
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